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Deluxe Cooler Carryall - Sweetheart




is this real life? a cooler thats shaped like a scalloped heart?! oh yeaaaah. its big enough to hold everything needed for a picnic, sleepover, or trip to the gym. oh, and it keeps those drinks ice cold! and to think you thought that watermelon was the best we had.

the details-
  • 45.99 cm. x 39.24 cm. x 10.795 cm
  • eva with microfiber eva lining
  • 3.556 cm. wide half circles scallops at the front and back seams
  • tubular handles
  • gold zipper puller
  • fill with ice packs only—ice cubes can (and probably will!) get messy
ITEM SKU: 72314

The Agenda Mart

omg you need these accessories!